Birth and Beginnings

Hello world!

Hi, as I embark on this new online venture, I’m excited to be alive and breathing in these current times. The daily struggle as a new mommy, striving to raise my daughter, who is 2 years old, and also being 7 1/2 months pregnant with my baby boy in my stomach is overwhelming and tiring a lot of times, but also filled with blessings, happiness and lots of love.

As I am writing this, I along with my partner am in the process of starting our own online organic baby clothing line business, scheduled to be launched by December 2009.

In 1991-1992, while still in High School, my friend Tom and I, along with many friends and our English Teacher, Ms. Chen started the Triple E (Environment, Ecology and Education) Club on campus. We initiated the first campus wide recycling program and organized Beach Cleanups and other activities, to bring awareness to the deterioration of the environment. It was a deep passion to save the environment, knowing that we as humans were responsible for the destruction as well as the well-being of our environment.

About 10 years ago, around 1998 or 1999, when the internet was just starting, I had thought about being an online entrepreneur, but at the time, I didn’t know anything about websites, and didn’t have a product or service to sell. I just knew I was interested in this whole new thing called the World Wide Web.

In 2007, when I was pregnant with my daughter, Yurika, the idea for an organic baby clothing line came to mind. She is our inspiration for the online webstore, Golden Curly Tail (GCT).

Golden Curly Tail is inspired by our little daughter, and all those babies born during the Year of the Golden Pig, 2007. They represent a new generation of leaders, artists, innovators and change makers, who are here to change the world. They represent what is possible and the possibilities are endless.

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