Birth and Beginnings

Balancing work and play!

So, being a mommy and working on my business at home, brings joy to me. The days go by really quick, and before I know it, a whole afternoon has passed and still working on my to do list, but hey, at least I get to see my daughter change and grow. She’s at a phase, where she is talking and repeating alot of words we are saying. You can’t turn back time, so this time with her at 2 years old is precious. I feel very lucky.

Working from home… the biggest challenge is balance. Its a moment to moment challenge.

In addition to having my 2 year old daughter by my side while at work from home, I am also 38 weeks and 3 days pregnant. It could be any day now, when my son Nikola will be born. The timing could not have been more perfect, considering my partner and I are preparing to launch our dream business, Golden Curly Tail, an online organic baby clothing  store, inspired by our first born, who was born during the Year of the Golden Pig in 2007.

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