Birth and Beginnings

Golden Curly Tail Officially Launches December 17, 2009!

December marks the birth of Golden Curly Tail (, a new online webstore. On December 17th, 2009, Golden Curly Tail officially launched and is open for business. We are currently accepting orders online for our unique line of bamboo and organic cotton baby and toddler wear. A look at the Golden Curly Tail website and you will see that it is user friendly and offers an eco-friendly and affordable product.

The idea for Golden Curly Tail was inspired by the founders’ daughter, who was born during the year of the Golden Pig in  2007. The decision to launch the business in 2009, was propelled by the birth of the founders’ second child in late 2009.

Currently Golden Curly Tail offers 3 designs, each one making a unique fashion statement to the world.

Check out the 3 unique characters at:


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