Eczema Remedies

Bleach and Eczema

Bleach and Eczema

These two words are hardly seen together. But, as a desperate mommy like myself, trying to find relief for my baby boy who scratches almost all the time from eczema, I had to do some research to find out for myself.

When I first heard about it, it was at our friend Luis’ place, on our way out the door. He said, “I know this sounds harsh, but my sister has been using bleach in her bath water, and it has helped her eczema.” I remember walking out the door thinking, that may be good for her, since she is an adult, but I would never put bleach on my baby, that’s just too extreme, especially for a baby.

I ran into her a few months later at a BBQ, and she told me that it has really helped her. And it was noticeably apparent when I looked at her skin. She told me that all her life she has been dealing with eczema. And have consulted with various experts and alternative healers, dermatologists and doctors. Somehow, the bleach baths that she takes once a week, has done wonders for her skin. She says that the bleach somehow kills the top layer that causes eczema. “Think of it as being in a swimming pool”, she said.

I’ve tried putting a small amount in my baby’s bath water, and honestly have seen a huge difference in his skin. Although he still scratches at night and during the day, the skin does look a lot better. His skin seems to get better for a few days, then gets bad again. It comes and goes.

If you’ve had any experiences finding comfort for babies or toddlers with eczema, we would love to hear from you.

Green Parenting

My Adventures in Green Parenting

When I found out I was pregnant with my first born in 2007, one of the first things I did was change my diet. I became more conscious about eating organic fruits and veggies. I reduced my meat intake and of course, started taking my pre-natal vitamins.

As I was preparing to give birth, one of the things I did a lot was clean, throw out and re-organized. Around the house, as I was cleaning, I started to notice the cleaning products I had, and realized how toxic many of the cleaning products were. I purchased some green cleaners, made from plants and fruits, and have used them since.

I went to the library and checked out many books on de-cluttering and green cleaning. An eye opener for me was how vinegar and lemon does wonders for the cleaning process.

We changed the old carpeting in our place and replaced it with bamboo flooring.

We bought an air purifier to clean the air in our place.

I wish I could make more changes, but being green is not cheap.  It costs a little bit more here and there, but I have made a commitment to make small changes each day to be more green.


Because my kids had eczema, I was very particular about finding clothing that did not feel itchy on their skin. I wanted to have more quality items and less quantity. It was hard, because we received a lot of baby gifts and I had more clothes than my kids could wear. When I did find a favorite shirt, I often wished I could have more of them for the week. This is one of the reasons we have created the Golden Curly Tail product line.

Golden Curly Tail’s most recent Summer Sale is the 7 Day Package for $100. You receive a total of 7 shirts, enough for a week for $100. Save $40 when you purchase this special deal. I am proud to say that my own 7 month old wears our own GCT shirts. As a mommy and the owner of Golden Curly Tail, I am so greatful for these shirts. I wish I could share this with others. And now I can.

Give the gift of comfort, style and peace of mind to a baby or toddler in your life.

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