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The GlamourLESS side of Entrepreneurship: What they DIDN’T Tell You! About Being a Woman in Business

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  The GlamourLESS Side of Entrepreneurship

What They Didn’t Tell You About Being A Woman In Business


is a highly anticipated book designed as a guide for promoting the success of women who choose to embark upon entrepreneurship.  Knowledge is power and this book offers clear and concise knowledge of what it is really like to be an entrepreneur – the untold truth.  Each contributing author shares their “behind the scenes” story of what they have experienced as a woman entrepreneur including the unexpected challenges that no one ever told them about.  Some of the women have been in business for 4 years, 8 years, 10 years, and longer.
This book promises to empower and equip women to succeed in small business versus walking into this journey blindfolded and on the verge of failure.  This book will inspire beginner and seasoned entrepreneurs as well as those contemplating entrepreneurship.  Learn all about the untold and uncut experiences of real women in business and why, despite the “GlamourLESS Side of Entrepreneurship,” they persist in this journey.





Each SPOTLIGHT AUTHOR, along with all contributing authors of this project, will walk you through some of the “GlamourLESS” experiences and challenges they have faced as a woman entrepreneur.  They will explain the steps they took to overcome those challenges and explain why they persist in this journey.  Finally, they will provide YOU (the reader) with inspiration to stay the course in pursuing your own entrepreneurial journey.

Learn more about our SPOTLIGHT AUTHORS below.


Cheryl WoodcwwCheryl Wood is an award-winning Author, Speaker, Trainer & Small Business Coach who inspires women to transition from ordinary lives to extraordinary lives. Her mission is to “Equip women to live Fearless, Focused & Fulfilled” by discovering their passion and giving birth to their dreams. Cheryl equips women with strategies to overcome fears, take risks, and eliminate self-imposed barriers that hinder personal development and growth. Through various platforms including speaking, training, live events, tele-classes, and coaching, Cheryl helps women to propel their success in achieving personal, professional, or entrepreneurial goals.

As an entrepreneur who turned her passion into profit, one of Cheryl’s primary focal points is being an advocate for women becoming financially independent by pursuing entrepreneurship. Her most recent initiative, Women Entrepreneurs Partnering for Profit™ (WEPP), promotes the profitability of women in business through shared knowledge and resources, increased visibility and exposure, and increased revenue potential.

Cheryl’s commitment to living “Fearless, Focused & Fulfilled” in her own life has been demonstrated in her entrepreneurial journey since June 2009. Some of her notable achievements include:

  • 2011 Small Business Influencer Award
  • 2011 “Seed Harvester” Award
  • 2011 Elevator Pitch Olympics WINNER – FraserNET PowerNetworking Conference
  • 2010 Business Woman of the Year – The Professional Black Woman
  • 2010 Entrepreneurial “Spirit” Award – Morgan State University
  • 2010 Woman of Power Award – Women 2 Women 4 Women
  • 2010 Governor’s Citation for Excellence in Small Business

Cheryl makes frequent guest appearances on local talk radio stations including Radio One, Pacifica Radio, Elite DC Radio, and WEAA Radio to share her message of empowerment. She also hosts her own radio show, “Living Outside The Box,” where she spotlights women who are defying the odds and eliminating excuses in order to pursue their dreams. Cheryl’s professional clients have included the Small Business Administration, Morgan State University, Women of Prince George’s and the National Association of Bridal Consultants, to name a few. She is author of the book, How I Flatlined and Woke Up in 45 Days, a book of empowerment for women, and has announced the release of her second book, The GlamourLESS Side of Entrepreneurship – What They Didn’t Tell You About Being A Woman In Business, due to release on March 1, 2012.

Lucinda Cross is a powerful, inspirational, thought-provoking speaker. Her wonderful sense of humor, straight talk, no-nonsense approach empowers yet challenges individuals to step into their greatness.
As “Mom-entrepreneur” and Business Midwife Lucinda Cross of Yonkers, New York was motivated to start her own business while she was working frantically in the 9-5 corporate rat race, and shuffling her children back and forth to daycare each day. The routine was not healthy for her or her kids, and, spending only 45 minutes of quality time with them each day was not enough. Cross wanted more. She was stressed, overworked and underpaid.

Fast forward to 2011, and Cross is now a successful speaker, author, small business start-up expert and “mom” who has achieved the work/life balance that every woman dreams of. Cross has been featured on ABC, NBC, WLIB the Al Sharpton Show, over 100 blog talk radio shows and several blogs including Babble.com Top 50 Mompreneurs and more.

Her first book was published in October 2009, the best selling book Corporate Mom Drop Outs – Women who have traded in the life sentence for a profitable lifestyle will help “wanna-be” and “start-up” mom-entrepreneurs everywhere turn their dream of owning their own business into a reality. Written in trimesters, the book mimics the birthing process from inception to a healthy full-term business.

Her life has been filled with wonderful experiences – from being a single mother, to a Mom-entrepreneur, sharing her gifts as a marketing strategist, mentor and writer she uses that wisdom and insight to motivate moms to create a better life, a better community and a better business. Cross will be releasing her 2nd book The Road To Redemption: Overcoming Life’s Challenges in 2012.

annAnn Quasman is a woman on a mission. Her goal is to encourage and facilitate conversations that will help women connect with and rely upon the wisdom within their hearts as much as they do the wisdom within their minds.

As host of WomanTalk Live, Ann brings women everywhere deeper into topics that both inspire and inform. Her unique ability to get to the heart of the issue and to the heart of the woman has made her one of the most respected and loved media personalities in Baltimore, as well as a sought after emcee, speaker, board member and strategic partner to businesses and non-profits.

Ann’s message and her desire to initiate a more conscious conversation is a direct result of her “past life” in corporate America. After years in the investment management and banking industry, Ann had an epiphany (a.k.a. a vision brought on by total exhaustion and having “no life”). She realized that she was in no way close to leading the life she wanted to live and that she had strayed very far away from her own heart. Something had to give.

That “ah-ha moment” triggered a series of shifts that ultimately led to WomanTalk Live, Girls Gone Great and the Conscious Conversations Café.

With her in-depth corporate background under her belt and after creating her business, Living in Your Heart, to provide “life” workshops and retreats for women, Ann turned her strategic acumen into a brand new concept – a radio show that would dive deep into women’s issues, while avoiding the cliché beauty, fashion and weight loss topics.

Ann grew WomanTalk Live from a local radio show plunked down between male-focused programming to a true community of women and men who actively engage in a more conscious conversation with Ann and each other every day almost 24/7.

In fact, “from the heart” one-to-one conversations with listeners, community members, show sponsors and others who are making a difference for women is Ann’s passion.

Her goal is simple: To each day start a conversation that moves even one woman from talking to doing.

Ann is passionate about supporting community and national efforts and causes – and, WomanTalk Live sponsors numerous events each year.  In addition, Ann serves as a board member of The Maryland Coalition Against Sexual Assault (MCASA), the statewide collective voice advocating for accessible, compassionate care for survivors of sexual crimes and accountability for all offenders.

Dr. Joy Ohayia,PH.D. 


Dr. Joy is a highly sought after motivational speaker, television host of her own show, and an author as her lively presentations infuse real-life scenarios with practical tips that anyone can apply.

As the producer and host of the Dr Joy Show – “Your Prescription For Total Wellness”, she inspires viewers to achieve total wellness and optimal health regardless of where they are in their life journey.

Dr. Joy is the author of Don’t Let “IT” Get You!: An Empowering Health and Fitness Guide for Women. This complete guide encourages physical and emotional health and shows readers how to breakthrough obstacles and people who hinder them from health and happiness. She is also featured in Blueprint for Success – Proven Strategies For Success and Survival with Stephen Covey and Ken Blanchard. Dr. Joy leveraged her experience from executive level positions at AT&T and Merrill Lynch; she provides a roadmap to success and encourages readers to find their passion.

“Dr. Joy is a powerhouse, a ball of energy! Her passion for total wellness fused with integrity and a keen business sense have taken her from Corporate America to entrepreneur, author, motivational speaker, wellness expert, and television show host.”

Lisa Thomas, CEO and President The P3 Group Inc.

“Dr. Joy encourages men and women to find Life Balance. She often asks, “Why live, when you can thrive?” Dr. Joy employs a holistic approach that incorporates total balance in health, nutrition, self-esteem, finances, relationships, and spirituality just to name a few.”

Gwen Evans, RN Brookdale Community College Director Student Health Services

“Dr. Joy’s ultimate goal is to help you be the BEST You!”

Jacqueline Glass, M.Div, CEO At The Well Conferences, Inc.

Dr. Joy resides in New Jersey with her husband and their two sons.
She holds a PhD in Natural Health and Holistic Nutrition from the University of Natural Health. Dr. Joy is also a certified member of the American Fitness Professionals and Associates (AFPA) with professional certifications in Weight Management, Nutrition, Wellness and Personal Training

To book Dr. Joy, call 1-888-497-9996

Doreen RaineycfdIn 2005, Doreen Rainey left behind her 17 years in Human Resources in Corporate America to launch Empowering Moments LLC, a personal and professional development company driven by a singular vision:  to help people define success for themselves and then have the guts to go after it.

Drawing on her skills and experience in employee relations, conflict resolution and creating harmonious, fulfilling workplace environments, she began one-on-one life coaching and speaking to groups at women’s associations, business groups and community programs.


Then Doreen got RADICAL, developing a coaching method that walks her individual and corporate clients through seven steps to define their goals and corresponding action steps.

Employing her trade    mark RADICAL Success Coaching Method, she challenges her clients to take charge of their professional and personal lives, working with them individually and in small groups to help define and clarify goals, improve professional and personal relationships and to chart a path towards personal fulfillment.  Now, thousands have benefited from the powerful tools she has given them to attain balance in their lives, success in their careers and improve their overall personal health and wellness.

In 2009, Rainey launched her flagship event, the “Get RADICAL Women’s Conference,” a high energy, action focused day featuring dynamic speakers who weave their own inspiring success stories with practical steps for accomplishing life goals.

Doreen’s coaching programs, through her RADICAL Success Institute, offers the opportunity to get training, coaching, masterminding, support and accountability to help her clients achieve their goals.   Doreen also conducts teleseminars, workshops, distributes a weekly newsletter and delivers keynote speeches.

Doreen received her undergraduate degree from Spelman College, her M.S. in Conflict Negotiation and Conflict Management from the University of Baltimore, and her coaching certificate from The Coaches Training Institute.

   Contributing Authors Include

Barbara Greenwald                             Bridget DiRico

Marcella Mollon-Williams                    Linda Hillman
Katrina Harrell                                     Wanda Forden
Chere Cofield                                       Tiffany Lymon
Imani Harris                                        Monica Ly
Cleopatra Islar                                    Theresa Royal Brown
Pamela Reaves                                    Roxanne Robinson
Rekisha Ari Squires                             Theresa Hays

JaNae Williams                                   Joan Wilson                

Cheryl Vanessa Smith                         Felicia Pratt

Sonya Smith-Valentine

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