End of Dragon Year Clearing!

We’re super excited about 2013 as we prepare to enter the Year of the Snake on February 10, 2013!

As we close out the Year of the Dragon,  we have been doing lots of cleaning, purging, giving away stuff that is no longer useful or brings joy to us and keeping only things that serve a purpose, bring beauty and joy to our lives. We have also been reminded of the blessings we received this year and carry the blessings with us into the Year of the Snake.


The Chinese dragon is a symbol of wisdom, power, and luck in Chinese culture. Dragons have long been a symbol in Chinese folklore and art. Temples and shrines have been built to honor them.

Through the symbol of the dragon, many Chinese see divine attributes which they aspire to themselves. In fact, the Chinese are sometimes referred to as “descendents of the dragon.” The dragon is held in reverence and respect in Chinese culture. Chinese dragons control the rain, rivers, lakes, and sea. They can ward off wandering evil spirits, protect the innocent, and bestow safety unto all. They are called lung or long in the Chinese language. They fly in the sky among clouds. Most pictures of Chinese dragons show them playing with a flaming pearl. Legend has it that the pearl gives them their power and allows them to ascend into heaven.

As we said, we are super excited about the upcoming year! Look out for a upcoming news, events and specials from Golden Curly Tail!

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