Inventory Close Out Sale!

Golden Curly Tail launched in December 2009 one month before I gave birth to my son.

The name Golden Curly Tail was inspired by my daughter who was born during the Year of the Golden Pig. The design and organic fabric that was chosen for the clothes were inspired by both my children who had eczema when they were babies, and my son who has food allergies, and would scratch uncontrollably.

While I am so happy to have been able to see an idea come to fruition and be able to know that these shirt brought comfort and peace of mind to many families, I am also ready to move onto my next venture.

So, with limited quantities still available, ALL GOLDEN CURLY TAIL SHIRTS AND GIFT SETS ARE ON SALE!

$15 per shirt or $35 per gift set!


We will be closing our online store in the next few months.

Give thanks to everyone who has supported Golden Curly Tail these past few years!


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