About GCT Clothing

Bamboo and Organic Cotton:

The fabric for the Golden Curly Tail shirts were carefully chosen from a blend of Organic Cotton and Bamboo, 2 of the world’s most eco-friendly and sustainable fabrics in the market, safe for even the most sensitive and delicate baby skin.

Specially designed Fold-Over Sleeves:

As a result of both my children having eczema and my son’s allergies to certain foods they would both scratch a lot as babies. Sleepless and looking for a solution to my own problem as a parent, the design of the baby onesies to have sleeves that folds over to become a gloves, became part of the first batch of Limited Edition Golden Curly Tail onesies.

Golden Curly Tail was created not only to provide high-quality baby wear but also, to inspire creativity and help raise awareness about the importance of cherishing and preserving our natural environment.