The concept of Golden Curly Tail was inspired by the birth of my daughter who was born in 2007, which is also the Year of the Golden Pig according to the Lunar Calendar.

The vision of Golden Curly Tail is to inspire families to be green and make small changes each day to make the environment a better place for all.

In 2009, Golden Curly Tail (the webstore)  launched its first line of eco-friendly baby and toddler wear, made from 70% Bamboo and 30% Organic Cotton for Newborns to 3 year olds.

Golden Curly Tail was featured in several mommy blogs, appeared in Kiwi Magazine and participated in the Birth and Baby Fairs in San Francisco and San Mateo.

The Limited Edition Golden Curly Tail onesies and toddler tees are available for online purchase for a limited time only.

This blog is a glimpse into my world navigating this world as a parent with a child with food allergies,  a mommy entrepreneur and hybrid homeschooling mom. 

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