Eczema Remedies

How my baby’s excema disappeared while we were in Hawaii

I usually put a thick layer of lotion on my baby at least 3 times a day, but to my surprise, when we were in Hawaii, I did not have to put lotion on my baby’s skin at all.

Maybe we might need to move to a place like Hawaii, where the weather is better for my baby’s skin.

In my experience, taking a bath for my baby usually includes lots of quick moves to hold and prevent him from scratching once I take off his clothes to take a bath. At times, it takes 2 people to hold down his arms and the other person to dress him. He will sometimes scratch so much that there are fingernail marks all over his chest and arms.

I guess while we were in Hawaii, the humidity and the tropical weather did wonders on his skin. He slept well and so did we.

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